Trystal Tech

Hi there,

You’ve found this page because you were looking for Trystal Tech, or you’ve received an invoice from me.

As of 31 Dec 2017 I am no longer running the business, and not accepting any new work.

If you’ve received an invoice from me, then I’m still hosting your domain or website. This costs money, and I need to pass that cost on.
However, I no longer have an ABN, and I am no longer registered for collecting GST.

On request I can arrange for your domain and/or website to be transferred to another supplier (either my reseller, or a webhost of your choice), and you can continue paying through them instead.

Alternatively, to continue to pay through me, I can provide you with a signed “Statement by a Supplier not quoting an ABN” if required.
Please also note that my direct debit details have changed; your new invoice has the new numbers.

Feel free to reply to the invoice if you have any questions, or if you would like to request a transfer or ABN statement.

– Christina