Spent a weekend writing a short script to pull data from SP Ausnet’s MyHomeEnergy website.

I’ve been looking at those “in-home displays” to view live electricity usage and solar export data from my meter. Unfortunately SP Ausnet appears to be the only electricity supplier in Victoria who doesn’t yet allow in-home displays (IHD) to be linked up to their smart meters (apparently they are due out “sometime in late 2014”).

However, they do provide data via their myhomeenergy website, which you can sign up to once you have a smart meter. You can see meter data for your electricity import, as well as solar export, and you can even enter your tariff info into the myhomeenergy website settings, which will then calculate the cost of your electricity based on time of use. (Note: the website data is not instant like an IHD would be – it is delayed by 6 hours, but hopefully in the future this data will be more up to date.)

Cue weekend coding mashup, with Firefox, Wireshark & PHP 🙂
And the result – a script that pulls down the current day’s, and the previous day’s data (kWh and dollar cost) and displays it on a web page (for quick checks on your mobile).
You could extend this by permanently displaying it on a small tablet or RaspberryPi/Arduino setup, to create your own in-home display!

I’ve also included a script to upload your previous day’s import and export data to PVOutput! Set it up as a cron job – remember that the myhomeenergy data is delayed, so I’ve set mine up to run at midday.
(Unfortunately meters don’t measure Consumption so you’ll have to get that figure directly from your inverter. If you’re already exporting Consumption to PVOutput, delete the line starting with ‘g’ => … so that your consumption value isn’t overwritten.)

Update 2017: Still works, they’re called AusNet Services now, but the website hasn’t changed.
Download the scripts from my GitHub repo: MyHomeEnergy.

Update 2018: Unfortunately AusNet Services have upgraded their website and this script no longer works. Feel free to fork from my GitHub repo and write an updated version!