I’ve been working on my 3d models lately for Unearth, and I always seem to have trouble when it comes to the UV layout. Somehow, I constantly get sidetracked looking for the ‘uber’ solution to making a UV map.

Well as usual I didn’t find any major solution, but I did manage to get a better workflow going, which resulted in a better UV map. The final map had a couple of visible seams, but overall I was happy with it compared to the time and results I have previously had.

I spent the last day understanding how to create grass for use in-game…it’s harder than it seems.

Anyway I eventually worked out how to implement the alpha texture properly so that grass cuts out nicely. This will hopefully be used as either a mesh or billboard in our Unearth game.

I then went and whipped up a quick scene in Maya to see how a few of the elements I have created so far work together. The Driller Robot in the background is thanks to our team’s other modeller, Bart.

So…I have been modelling a character for the game project I am working on, titled Unearth. It’s a difficult task, but somebody needs to do it 😉

I just reached the animating stage of the character a few days back, with very little trouble until it came to animation number two.

For some reason adding a keyframe after the end keyframe of the first animation was causing the first animation’s smoothness to stuff up. Many frustrating hours later I discover the Graph Editor. It seems all of the curvy curves were continuing on throughout the whole timeline…a little tweak here and there and my keying problem was fixed.

Just a small discovery I thought I would share.