For those of you who have been using the Skype Web Status button to display your online/offline status on your webpage, you may have noticed that it can’t be used on SSL secure pages. An internet search reveals many people looking for this same thing from Skype – an ability to use the Skype web status button on a secure page, such as a shopping cart payment page.

Including the default non-secure version on an “https:” SSL secured page will cause your client’s browsers to display ‘insecure’ messages, or fail to display the lock icon and certificate information associated with a secure page. This can reduce consumer confidence in your service, as well as look unprofessional.

We’ve developed a fix for it – with just a small upload and a change in the default Skype web status code, you can now include your web status on ANY page, secure or not.

Secure Skype Web Status code Download the Secure Skype Web Status code for your website.

We welcome your comments and any questions regarding the installation and use of this code.

If you missed our original Skype web status article, check it out here on how to keep your Skype web status online behind a firewall.

Update May 2011:

As requested, here is a cURL PHP version for if you cannot use allow_url_fopen on your webserver:

Secure Skype Web Status code (cURL version) Download the Secure Skype Web Status code (cURL version) for your website.