I recently attended the E-Games and Entertainment Expo in Melbourne (18th of November if my memory is correct) to marvel at all the cool games and electronics on offer.

I got there pretty early, so managed to get some gaming in the form of Resistance: Fall of Man, without any waiting whatsoever. I must say it is only my second time using a PS3 and that I was pretty bad at the game, but I managed to pull through and finish 3rd, after leading the match for the majority of the time. Some red flame-thrower type gun saved my behind I think. That was a bit of fun to start the morning off 😛

The general atmosphere there was entertaining… a lot of nerds, including my partner and myself. There was a guy dressed up as Cloud from FF7, a guy running about in a HAZE combat suit, and the ‘promotional’ scantily clad females (Sorry, no photos available).

I enjoyed getting early glimpses of upcoming games as well as being able to check out recently released games.

Uncharted and Mario Galaxy definitely looked like great games, and would definitely be purchased if I had those consoles. I had been following the development of Assassin’s Creed, so it was great to get an early look at it. Mass Effect was on display, but I sort of skipped over that mainly due to the awesome EB stuff-up that saw Mass Effect released way before it should have been, and that I had already been playing it for a couple of days (Brilliant game).

Overall, the event was pretty enjoyable even though I didn’t get a chance to obliterate everyone with my Call of Duty 4 multiplayer skills. There was only one thing there that bothered me and that was the giant inflatable Master Chief helmet that you could enter. They definitely had something hidden in there, but all entrances were sealed. I still have no idea of what exactly is concealed within Master Chief’s helmet.